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Prospective Player Information

To All Prospective Players and Families

Thank you for your interest in the Sporting Southern Indiana Soccer Club. Founded in 1984, formerly SWISA, Sporting SI is one of the oldest and largest travel soccer clubs in the region. In addition, we have one of the finest developmental programs around, the Sporting SI Junior Sporties, which introduces players ages 5 - 10 to professional training in a club setting.

While we have enjoyed steady growth over the years we haven't lost that close knit, family atmosphere. There are several fine clubs in the area but we think you will find Sporting SI to be the best choice for your players' development, the best value, and the best overall club experience. Among the advantages Sporting SI offers are:

  • An experienced, qualified, stable, and dedicated coaching staff. 
  • Free skills training for all players during normal team 'down times'  during the year, including goalkeepers.
  • Hosting our own annual tournament, which helps reduce player fees.
  • Other free player development programs to be introduced soon.

If these are the qualities that you are looking for in a travel soccer club, we invite you to tryout for a team in your age group during the next tryout season. If you would like more information about our club, feel free to visit the appropriate pages to get contact information for our board and administrators, team managers, and coaches. You may also visit the About the Sporting SI Soccer Club section of our web site for more detailed information on the club. Below is information about the club and our tryout process, what you should expect from the club, and what is expected of players and parents.

General Tryout and Club Information


All Sporting SI teams hold open tryouts annually, with each team scheduling a minimum of two tryout sessions. Tryouts are typically held in early June immediately following the conclusion of the Indiana State Cup tournament. Exact dates are announced on this web site and in local media beginning in May.


Once tryout dates are announced prospective players will be able to pre-register for the tryouts on this web site. Pre-registration is recommended but not mandatory.

Tryout Fees

There is no cost to tryout. 

Player Selection/Team Placement

Tryout season can be a stressful time for players, parents, and coaches alike. The club understands that over the course of a season a team can become a family-like atmosphere and, though it may seem otherwise at times, it is not the goal of the club to do anything to disrupt the team chemistry. At the same time the club is obligated to do what is best for all players, and subsequently the teams, by placing every player in what the coaching staff feels is the best situation for each individual player. Sometimes this means changes, sometimes it does not. 
While the coaches are as objective as possible and the tryout process is the same for each player, the bottom line is that some subjectivity is involved in any evaluation process. So, while we as parents may not a agree with decisions that are made during the selection process, players and parents can rest assured that the club and its coaching staff has the development of all players in mind with everything it does.

Selection of the players for a team is solely at the discretion of the head coach for that team. Players are evaluated during the tryout session by the head coach with assistance, when needed, from other staff coaches. We will field multiple teams in many age groups. In age groups where multiple teams exist a player may choose to try out for one team or the other, or both teams.

While it is by no means mandatory for a player to attend all sessions conducted by the team they are trying out for, it is highly recommended in order to allow the coach to see the player as much as possible. 

All players trying out will be contacted via phone call by the head coach within 24 hours (except in some very rare instances) and notified as to whether or not they were selected by a team. While there are obviously a limited number of roster spots on each team, and travel soccer is a selective process, it is the desire of the club that any player that wants to play travel soccer gets the opportunity to play. Therefore, we will do our best to field enough teams to accommodate all players that tryout. Where that is not possible and players are left without a team, the club can and will assist these players with finding a spot on another Sporting SI team if possible and desired by the player, or at other clubs.

What Is Expected Of Players

Each team's coach will spell out what the expectations are for that team. From a club standpoint, there are a few things expected of all players that put on a Sporting SI uniform. First and foremost is the player show a commitment to their team and the club through their attendance at team events, their effort, and their attitude. They are also expected at all times to show the utmost respect for the game, their teammates, coaches, parents, referees, and just as importantly, opposing players, fans, and coaches.

What Is Expected Of Parents

While it is true that parents are the ones that "foot the bill" for travel soccer teams, you have made a decision to allow your child to tryout for a select team that will be coached by an experienced, professional coach. It is expected that you will allow the coach and players dictate what happens within the team setting with regards to playing time, positions, etc. At the same time, if at any point you have concerns in these areas you are encouraged to request a meeting with the coach at an appropriate time. It is not advisable to approach/confront a coach about playing time immediately following a game.

In addition to general expectations outlined above it's important to keep in mind that, aside from our coaches, the club depends entirely on volunteer help from all club members, from the board of directors to the parents of our players. The success of a club the size of Sporting SI depends on the parents. As such, there are other expectation of club parents:

  • To work their fair share of hours during tournaments hosted by Sporting SI.
  • Help with maintaining club facilities, both on designated work days and when needed through the season.
  • Support their player and their team in a positive way and helping the coach and manager when called upon. There are numerous jobs to be done in running a travel soccer team. Ask how you can help.
  • And just like the players, it is our expectation that parents exhibit respect for the game, the coaches, other players on their team, officials, and players and parents from the opponents. Remember, game opponents are just that, opponents, and not the enemy. Parents should strive to reflect positively on the club at all times.

What You Can Expect If Your Child Is Selected For A Sporting SI Team

Our goal is to provide the best soccer development environment available for your child. If at any time this expectation is not met we encourage you to speak to your team manager, coach, or a Sporting SI board member.
The travel soccer season technically begins August 1 and ends July 31 of the following year. However, with tryouts in early June it is not uncommon for teams to organize and even begin training immediately following tryouts. Many teams train and play most of the year with breaks in the middle of summer, the winter holidays, and for the older age groups, during school soccer season.

As a parent you can expect:

  • Development of your child's soccer skills by a dedicated, professional coaching staff.
  • Transparent team finances. Each team will have a person designated to handle the team finances, which could be the manager or another parent, and is required to have a second person from the team designated to review them on a regular basis. In addition, the person handling the team finances is required to present all families with a projected budget at the beginning of the season and at least one budget update during the season.
  • Clear and timely communication from the team manager and coaching staff with regard to team schedules, expenses, and general team business.
  • The best club soccer experience offered in the area.

Again, if at any time you feel these expectations are not being met we encourage you to speak to your coach or a club administrator. Thank you for your interest in our club. We look forward to seeing you at tryouts in June!