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Skills Training

During normal team 'off seasons' - mid-winter and summer - the club offers weekly skills training to all club players at no additional charge. These sessions are separate from any team functions a player's team may have if the team is active during these times.

Winter skills sessions are held indoors at Metro Sports Center.

The purpose is to give players the opportunity to focus totally on the technical aspect of their game, improving their individual skills with very little emphasis on tactics. Skills such as finishing, dribbling, moves, and other ball handling skills are emphasized. The sessions include training for the keepers. 

Since all club coaches work these sessions at various times, players receive the added benefit of being exposed to ideas and instruction from different coaches, further enhancing their learning.

While these are optional 'practice' sessions, all players are encouraged to make as many as possible to take advantage of the additional instruction and get touches on the ball while their teams are in a slower period of the season.

There is no cost and you do not need to sign up or register for any session. Just show up at the facility at your designated time. If you have any questions contact your coach or team manager.