Street Soccer


Street Soccer is basically pick up games where players are teamed up with players (from their own team or even other teams) to compete in small sided games. 

Instead of team scores each player accumulates points and individual champions are crowned. The concept is to promote player creativity and have some fun! 

Street Soccer is open to all Sporting SI players at no additional cost. There is no registration required. Simply show up the night of the sessions and play! Of course, the more sessions you show up for the more points you can earn and the better chance you have of being crowned 'Street Soccer Champion"!

2013 Street Soccer Champions


U9- Yuki Ebii

U10- Mico Vasquez

U11- Ethan Heim

U13- Joseph Kerney

U14- Craig Norris


U9- Ashlyn Nobles

U10- Lainy Steven

U11- Madison Paladino

U12- Madison Ward

U13- Nora Nohalty

U14- Madeline Miller